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The Problem
Heterotopic ossification (HO) following amputation, musculoskeletal injuries, pressure ulcers, spinal cord injuries, burns, hip replacements, and trauma severely restricts range of

motion and causes pressure ulcer patients, 50% of spinal cord injury patients, 53% of patients who undergo joint surgery, and over 50% of patients with major burns. Burn injuries cost over $500 million annually and hip replacements cost over$5 billion dollars. Beyond these initial expenses, HO leads to hospital admissions and secondary operations incurring significant costs.

Patients with HO often require surgical excision, although recurrence and residual deformities are common. Currently trialed drugs such as NSAIDs or bisphosphonates are not tolerated by all patients, have limited efficacy, and do not target the mechanism responsible for HO.

The Mission

The goal of our laboratory is to further elucidate the mechanistic pathways involved in heterotopic ossification (as shown below)  and to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to improve the current treatment paradigm of this destructive process.