Our Laboratory

The Burn/Trauma and Regenerative Medicine laboratory (Directed by Dr. Benjamin Levi) consists of 1000 square feet of recently updated research space located in the Medical School Research Building on the University of Michigan Medical Campus.

Immediately adjacent to the laboratory is 1000 square feet of common use areas which is used for shared equipment. A walk-in cold room and darkroom are immediately adjacent. The laboratory is located within the same building as the Vector/Gene Therapy Core, Transgenic Animal Core, DNA sequencing Core, DNA Synthesis Core and the central animal facility. The Burn/Wound and
Regenerative Medicine Laboratory itself is completely equipped for tissue culture, small animal surgery, and molecular biology. 

The Laboratory is located approximately 150 yards from the University Hospital, where the Burn/Wound and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory, Burn Center and operating rooms are located. The research buildings are directly connected by indoor walkways with the hospital. Additionally, we have space in the newly build Basic Science Research Building which is
across the street and houses our imaging core for MicroCT, MicroMRI and IVIS imaging. 

In addition, Dr. Wang, a key member of the laboratory oversees the Morphomics Analysis Group which has over 3000 square feed of space dedicated to human CT and mouse micro-CT reconstruction and analysis. This space allows state for the art reformatting and novel methodologies to analyze mouse tissue characteristics including bone.